The Usability of Bi Folding Doors

Published: 04th October 2011
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According to some, bi folding doors are extensions of conventional sliding doors. They think a bi folding door is a cheaper alternative to sliding doors. This is not true. There is a huge benefit of using bi fold doors as these doors are retractable. Apparently, doors that are bi-folding look like French patio doors. Like a bi folding door, A French door also gives a transparent view through the glasses. But as French doors always open in the middle, the panes canít be folded from both sides. On the other hand, bi folding doors have fully retractable panels.

A durable and strong bi folding door must have few important features. These features are door panels that are totally retractable, frames made of Aluminum or unplasticized polyvinyl chloride, up to 10 meters width and multiple opening options. The ones with aluminum frames let home-owners choose from more than 400 RAL color options. Because of these benefits, many home-owners nowadays seem to prefer bi folding doors over any other type of door. However, before purchasing such a door, home-owners need to consider few issues, one of which is budget. Such doors are expensive. Even though a sliding door or a single patio door lacks the advantages which installing a bi-folding door could result in, these are relatively less expensive. Home-owners, who want to install anything new into their house, be it a loft room or a new door, are always concerned about the financial constraints. That is why, despite bi folding doors consist of a number of benefits, house-owners, who belong to mid-income group cannot afford them and go for other door options.

However, some home-owners think that adding value to their rooms is crucial and invest in fitted doors that are bi folding. They also come across some problems like whether to choose aluminum bi-fold or its UPVC counterpart. It is a difficult choice because both have some pros and cons. Aluminum folding doors are durable and look updated. But these are quite expensive than UPVC doors. UPVC doors use bigger frames and do not add an up-to-date look into the home. But these doors are not that expensive. Aluminum bi-folding doors with thinner frames are convenient solutions here as due to the frameís thin volume, it doesnít cost much and look great.

A major disadvantage of a UPVC door is that its width doesnít extend beyond 6 meter. Also, UPVC frames can be affected due to harsh weather conditions. Perhaps these are reasons aluminum and timber bi folding doors are more preferable to home-owners nowadays. Overall, the main benefit of a bi-folding door is increasing the visual appeal of a house. From outside, a house with such doors looks sophisticated and the insiders enjoy a clear and translucent view of the outside scenario such as the garden and its greeneries. Those doors increase the natural flow of lighting into the room, which is an added advantage for the inhabitants of the home.

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